Jean Saxby

Teacher-Librarian, Book Reviewer, Illustrator, Writer

Helping Your Child to Read

Many parents ask me how they can encourage their child to read more. Here are a few ideas.

Your child will watch what you do, what you enjoy and will be influenced by this. Make sure they see you enjoying your reading.

Make it easy for your child to have access to books. At school, encourage them to take a library bag if this is required. Keep the books in a safe place at home. It is very discouraging when a library book is misplaced or damaged. The library will be reluctant to keep lending books to borrowers who repeatedly lose or damage books.

If a child is unhappy about reading a book, ask them what their favourite hobby or sport is and find quality books on these topics. They can be non fiction books full of facts. Find a magazine subscription that your child would enjoy. It is fun to have something come in the mail and it is an easy option.

If your child is having reading difficulties, it is essential that you keep good communication with their teacher and see if there is anything you can do at home that will complement what is being covered in class. Also, if your child is bringing home books from the library that are too easy or too difficult, write a note to the librarian. They are there to help all they can.

Read aloud to your child and encourage them to read to you.

Make regular visits to the library and keep up to date with the wonderful activities and events that public libraries offer.